When you're having an hotel or start one, you want to make sure that your website looks good and well looked after. The appearance is one of the most important things! When your hotel doesn't looks nice, an user would leave faster. You want your hotel to look representative.

    In this topic I'd like to inform you about how I can help you with the look of your hotel.


    My name is Gedaante, and I'm from the Netherlands. I can understand the most of German, but I wont speak it on this forum. In my spare time, I like to keep myself busy looking at thins like Youtube and Netflix, playing soccer gaming, and making Habbo related images: Pixelart!



    I would like to offer myself to make pixelarts for your hotel. This can be done according to the client's own taste. For example: it is nice to use the 'look' of the owner and his own employees, instead of picking random images from the internet. Things that I for instance make:

    - logo's

    - banners

    - headers

    - (staff) badges

    - videos

    Way of working

    When there's made contact between the two of us, we will discuss what exactly will be made. This can be done with a call- or chat conversation. In this conversation the costs are also discussed. When we both agree about everything, I will start working as soon as possible. When there's a deadline, I will always try to make it in time.

    If it's a large job, I will share my work process. Between the process, I will probably ask the client some additional questions about the project. This way, I hope to make the product as personal as possible.

    When I finished the pixelart, I will send the final product to the client with a brand mark. If the client has approved the work, he will transfer the costs. After this, I will send the version of the pixelwork without a brand mark.


    Click on the links to see my portfolio.




    For my pixelart I ask a small fee that can be transferred via Paypal. The exact costs vary per work and will be announced in advance.


    When you are interested in my service, you can contact me via Skype of Discord. You can also send me a DM, or you could leave a comment below this subject.

    Skype: Bliksem4ever

    Discord: Danielle#8294


    I would like to thank you for reading this topic. I'd like to get feedback in the comments. If your not going to use this service yourself, I would ask you to share this topic with someone who might will.

    Für weitere Informationen stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.

    Mit freundlichen Empfehlungen,